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World Islamic Link, is the one that provides an easy way to understand and learn Quran online. Our aim is to teach Quran with Tajweed to people all over the world, especially those people who are living in different countries where getting Islamic education is quite difficult. We provide 1 to 1 Quran classes with tajweed which ensures the undivided attention of the tutor towards the student and helps the student to learn the Quran easily.

What We Do?

Tutoring Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and More subjects Online through our most enhanced software’s, we Help Students to Improve Grades.

Our Primary Goal is to teach Quran in its true spirit and to gain Blessing by spreading Allah’s words to mankind.

Our Speciality is developing Andriod Applications, However, we deal in all types of software and web Development.

World Islamic Link has successfully completed many Social welfare projects, in which Iftar, Uncooked Food Delivering, Water cooler, Building Mosque are main projects.

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